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With our extensive experience, we provide you with exterior and interior solutions for your pest control problems. It's impossible to keep ants out of your home forever; however, we offer proactive maintenance services on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis using both non-chemical and chemical control methods to help prevent future infestations.

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Carpenter Ant

Worker carpenter ants are polymorphic. They are large (3.5-13mm) but greatly vary in size. The queens are about 13-17mm long. Their color is black, combinations of red and black, or completely red or brown. The antenna is 12-segmented, without a club. Their thorax lacks spines and the profile is evenly rounded on the upper side. Pedicel is 1-segmented. Gaster with anal opening is round, surrounded by circlet of hairs. The stinger is absent. Worker ants are capable of emitting a strong formic acid odor.

Oderous House Ant

Odorous house ants are small ants measuring 2.5 millimetres long. They nest outdoors. The ants construct their nest out of mounds of dirt. The worker ants search far for food. They often enter buildings. Once they have found food, they leave a scent trail for other ants. They feed on a variety of organic material.